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Drop 1 is released! Minting is open: 


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What are Panda Bandas?

Panda Bandas is one of the most purpose driven CNFT projects aiming to establish a panda inspired community named Panda Bandas. Our purpose is bigger than just creating an exclusive community - but also support and help organizations that focus on the extinction of pandas worldwide.

First drop consist of 5555 uniquely AI generated Pandas with a ton of attributes, paving the way for our next upcoming drops - Female Pandas and baby Pandas.


Why should you become a Panda Banda?

Not only will you be a part of one of the most exclusive and purpose-drive communities in the NFT space, but you will also a part of a bigger cause - to save the panda in the real world from truly going extinct.


Pandas are nearly extinct, and there is only a handful of pandas left in the world. In order for them to survive this harsh world, these pandas unite and create their own group - Panda Bandas


Phase 1

  • Verification in the likes of CNFT.io/ Tokhun/ Artifct and more

  • Panda Series trailer video for Episode 1

  • Release of 5555 unique Pandas + Rarity chart

  • Promotion with influencers/ youtubers and celebrities

  • 500 Christmas Airdrops to top Panda holders

Phase 2

Phase 3

  • Panda Banda Season 1 - Episode 1 & 2 Clips

  • Release of Female Pandas

  • Community Grand Fund for creators to design, develop, and build something that brings value to the Panda Banda community

  • 500 Pandas Airdrop - exclusive for Male & Female Panda holders

  • 20% of profit goes to a community voted charity that supports endangered pandas

  • Introducing Breeding - Breeding will be possible for male and female holders in order to receive a Baby Panda!

  • Clothing Merchandise

  • Broaden influencer campaign

  • Rest of Baby Pandas to be released

  • Buying of land in a suitable metaverse to start the creation of Bamboo Forest

  • Panda Banda Event for all Panda Banda holders in the metaverse

  • Banda holders (Male, Female and Baby in one wallet) are eligible to participate in a Reward Program where the royalty fees from all sales are distributed amongst them.

  • Staking Pool - income is added to the Reward Program for Panda holders

Phase 4

  • Launching Panda Banda Marketplace

  • Stake your Banda/Family program

  • Preparing the Pandas for the metaverse in 3D!

Phase 5

  • Rest of project will be fully determined by the Panda Banda Community

Who are we?

We are 3 crypto enthusiasts - Miranda, Jonathan and Pablo. Miranda has a background as designer, Jonathan is the developer with background as software engineer and  Pablo is an environmentalist/ engineer. Our combination of skills and interests makes us a perfect team to create this amazing community in the NFT space, with great utility that serves both the community and the real world - by donating the profits to organizations that support endagered pandas.


Miranda - Designer and Artist

Jonathan - Software Developer and blockchain expert

Pablo - Engineer and marketer



When are we releasing?


What is the mint price?

40 ADA each NFT

What is the minting address?



Where are the Pandas being minted?

NFT Maker Pro (https://www.nft-maker.io/pro)

How many Pandas can I mint?

It is possible to mint up to 10 Pandas in 1 transaction

What are the policy id´s?



Minting Guidelines

On the release date, the minting address will be published. Depending on how many Pandas one wishes to purchase, the exact amount has to be sent to the specific minting address as stated in FAQ. The address will not change during the minting, this will be the permanent wallet address. Please ensure that you send the exact amount. If a wrong amount has been sent to our wallet address or all Pandas have been minted, the funds will be returned back to your wallet.  The funds are safe at all times. Panda Banda is not responsible for any transactions sent to a wrong wallet address, please make sure you are sending to the correct wallet address. Do not send from an exchange wallet.

Policy ID: de421e04b847b42b7722f0b898cb7f13dc29ab1d4d9ddecf5675ca0c and a8ffc4f39f236f99f6a12655230a975c935457172a900976eb2b3743

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